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Terms of use for uploading media to OIR and sharing it via email

Terms of Use

  • "Online Image Resizer" offers a limited image hosting service (currently 72 hours). Sharing images is carried out by the mean of sending email with image link to people you know.
  • The images which uploaded to "Online Image Resizer" for hosting are the responsibility of the person who originally uploaded them. OIR is not responsible for uploaded media content.
  • The email form may NOT be used for any sort of advertising or solicitation. Sender IP Address would be included with email message.
  • Senders may only send image link to the email address of a person they personally know. Please carefully consider the image content before emailing links to a friend.
  • Following is a list of some (though not all) violations, which might result in permanent ban from this web site and a report to sender Internet Provider:
    • Sending email messages from email form, which might harass, threaten, embarrass of any person or entity.
    • Stalking or otherwise violating the legal rights.
    • Sending image links to people who might consider your images offensive.
    • Sending spam and advertising of any sort.
  • All email transactions are recorded in our database and might be used for investigation in case we received a complain from the receiving party (a receiver of the email, the sender forwarded an image link to, from "Online Image Resizer" site).
  • Resized Images retain on our site for the duration of 72 hours, after which they are automatically removed.

Privacy Note

  • We respect your privacy. The information you supplied while sending image links to friends would NEVER be sold, passed to other companies or added to any email distribution list.
  • Uploaded images would never be available for public viewing unless you decide to share them and send image link to your friends. Privacy Policy
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